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Walt and me in more carefree daysThiswoman.com serves as a portal to several sites that I host. At the age of fifty, I have realized that "she who hesitates is lost" and I'm not going to lose any more time! The image to the left is an old black and white photo of my brother and me that I colorized. It shows us as youngsters; I hold this photo dear since it reminds me of a time when Walt and I were innocent and trusting and young - and hopeful. Walt died at age 47 in 2002 after fighting cancer and succumbing to the disease following 15 years of remission that allowed him a brief respite to build a life filled with family and personal accomplishment.

My ventures include:
Care/gift packages made gift-by-gift for your special someone. - www.agiftfromhome.us

Organization and Fung Shui applications to bring order to your life -

Origami for your special occasions -

How can you possibly be yourself? Indeed, it is a difficult task to be an authentic human being. Read about what I see in everyday life.

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